Cops called to Jon and Kate’s following argument

Jon sends Kate a message

I long for a simpler, happier time, when I was blissfully unaware of the marital troubles between two self-serving, narcissistic monsters willing to whore their kids out on freakshow television for a few bucks. But these are not the times we live in, as RadarOnline is reporting there was a bust-up between the Gosselins when Kate interrupted Jon’s scheduled visitation time. So any attempt at maintaining the veneer of civility is quickly going down the crapper, then. Great, because there still are eight kids in the middle of this car-crash clusterfuck.  God knows we wish ’em well, but c’mon: in fifteen years when you read about the rehab stints, the failed acting careers, and one of them snapping and holding up a gas station for twelve bucks and some beef jerky, maybe you’ll be able to look back at all this and maybe fool yourself into saying, “Gosh, how did it all go so wrong?”  I don’t think I will.

[Image: Splash News]

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14 years ago

Look at Jon, grabbing his nuts and thinking “I finally got my balls back!”