DJ AM found dead


36-year-old DJ AM’s body was discovered today in his New York apartment around 5:20 p.m. A friend had not heard from AM (Adam Goldstein) in days and went to check on him. There was no response after knocking on his apartment door. The cops were called and the fire apartment finally entered the room. Sources say prescription pill bottles were found near his body.

Adam was last seen throwing the first pitch at a Met’s game at Citi Field last Sunday. In September 2008, he and Travis Barker were the only survivors of a plane crash in South Carolina. [TMZ]

  • I can’t believe this happened, especially after the plane crash…damn….RIP DJ AM.

  • bleh

    why is this even news..the dude popped some pills and did crack and croaked..who gives a fuck..i am willing to bet that 99% of this country’s population don’t even know who the fuck this dude is..lets move on, he’s just a drug addict, who didn’t do anything but drugs..

  • Raina


  • It was sad to hear, he was still so young. I pray that God comforts his family in their time of grief.

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