Do not want!

Sharon Stone thought it’d be a good idea to unleash her 50-year-old titties on the cover of French magazine Match. The headline “J’ai 50 ans, et alors!” translates roughly to “I’m 50, so what,” according to Charlie in the comments.

For once, I’m glad I don’t live in Paris. The women might be freer with their sexuality, but that means every once in a while I have to deal with pictures like this that no one wants to see. I’ll admit, Sharon Stone doesn’t look too bad for a 51-year-old but that’s like saying the two week old donut that’s been sitting outside is still edible. Sure, it is, but does anyone actually want to try it? Especially when that two week old donut was the one no one wanted to eat in the first place because all the glaze melted off?

Click through for a larger, uncensored version and a grainy, blown up version of the topless cover. Or don’t. It’s your choice, man.

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14 years ago

That is not what it means… it means

“I’m 50, so what!”

14 years ago

Reminds me of that Chris Rock joke about Janet Jackson’s 40 year old titty , just replace Janet Jackson with Sharon Stone and replace 40 with 50, its so relevant lol