Esquire continues to bring the heat

Last month, perhaps Esquire magazine realized that waging war on their lad mag competition using Prada male models and tips for a closer shave wasn’t always working, so they raised their game and gave us a holy-smokes photo shoot of seriously underrated dame Mary-Louise Parker. Building on that success of bringing new and interesting hotness to the thinking masses in this post-Megan Fox celeb-verse, they’ve turned the lens this towards vampy redhead Christian Hendricks, who can be seen tempting souls and breaking hearts in AMC’s Mad Men.

Hendricks is stunning, make no mistake, but she’s disarmingly sexy. Intimidating, even. In her shoot, Mary-Louise actually looks like someone who would make you pie, tuck you in and maybe even read you a story. It might be out of Penthouse Forum, but you see where we’re going with this. She comes off as a bit nurturing, a giver. If I went to bed with Christina Hendricks I’d be panicked that anything I consider to be my best stuff would be met with, at the very best, sneering derision, leaving me to dampen my pillow with the sweat of my futile labors and lonely tears. Meanwhile, the next morning I’d wake up wearing a saddle, being told by a crop-wielding ginger bombshell that she needs a ride to work and this was a good chance to see “if you could be good for some damn thing, at least.“

Christina Hendricks in Esquire and at the premiere of Mad Men.

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Dalton Russell
Dalton Russell
14 years ago

Hey Blemish, I check your blog most days, but I never comment. Today your posts seem off. You already did the Christina Hendricks post from Esquire. Now you’re recycling it w/ lesser prose. And since when are you too intelligent to like Megan Fox? And you chain guys to your basement radiator (not that there’s anything wrong w/ that)? And you have a pic of Jen Anniston showing the inner cusp of her perfect tit and you make no mention of it? Um, are you becoming schizo or am I missing something? Keep in mind, in addition to the hair… Read more »

Larry Putzgerald
14 years ago
Reply to  Dalton Russell

*Shakes head* Look under the title for the byline.

14 years ago

Hey. I’m not complaining.

In a world where even size 2 models and actresses have their ‘flaws’ airbrushed away, seeing a real woman (albeit a real stunning woman) get a bit of attention is nice. She’s one hell of an actress to boot.

So, you just keep the Christina pics coming.