Gerard Butler got cockblocked

Kelly Bensimon is known as a Real Housewife of New York City to many, but to Gerard Butler, she’s only known as a viscous cockblocker. Kelly managed to swap numbers with Gerard at the SoHo Grand in June and that 1 second of intimacy was enough to drive her to insane jealousy when Gerard started flirting with Rose Byrne of Damages. Gatecrasher says:

“Kelly blocked Gerard from speaking to Rose and was flirting up a storm – but he couldn’t have seemed less interested.”

Later, Butler found Byrne, apologized for the awkward situation, and chatted exclusively to the pretty brunette in a private corner for the rest of the evening.

That crazy bitch needs to calm down. The only reason Gerard swapped numbers with her was out of pity and because he was drunk. He had to be. If Kelly looked like a 6 through beer goggles, Rose must have looked like a god damn angel descending from the sky. Gerard probably thought Kelly was the gatekeeper and that he had to go through her to get to Rose. Like she was Cerberus, the three-headed hell hound.

Gerard Butler at the premiere of The Ugly Truth. Rose Byrne at the premiere of Knowing.

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14 years ago

Gerard Butler doesn’t drink… at all so he wasn’t drunk. Who actually saw them swap numbers?