Gerard Butler smacked a dog, maybe

Gerard Butler was out walking his pug, Lolita, off-leash when a “huge, menacing” greyhound, Mayfly, owned by Fred and Maria Varecka, took two bites from the neck of his pug and then tried to come back for a third.

The Vareckas have a different story. They say Butler went off on them when all that happened was their dogs’ noses touched. They say there was no biting. The two parted ways after Butler leashed his dog, but then came back and started ranting that their dog should be put down and then smacked their greyhound’s head into a fence. “I said, ‘Keep your hands off my dog! Why did you hit my dog?’ He didn’t say a word.” They ended upĀ  at the NYPD and filed a complaint against one “Gerrod Butler”.

Butler’s reps had this to say:

“What happened was, Gerry was walking his dog, Lolita, who is this little, small pug, a teeny thing. You can hold her in one arm, she’s that small,” said his manager, Alan Siegel. “Then, suddenly, this greyhound, this huge, menacing dog, bites Lolita.

“She [Maria Varecka] and Gerry then have words. . . . [Then] the dog again goes over to Lolita and takes another bite.”

Siegel said the movie star spent the next four hours at an Upper East Side animal hospital tending to Lolita’s wounds.

“They don’t have it trained,” Siegel said of the Vareckas. “They don’t know what they’re doing with their dog.

“People are so mean. They’re just trying to milk this.”

TMZ spoke with the owners of the greyhound who said they don’t want money and called Gerard “a pompous son of a bitch.”

I don’t know what happened and I won’t even begin to speculate. I just have one thing to say. It’s not nice to call Jennifer Aniston to a pug. She’s more of a Blood Hound.

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14 years ago

How bout…leash your dog! Dumbass.

14 years ago