Heidi Montag will reveal more in next Playboy

Speaking with Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM show Tuesday, Heidi Montag vowed that she’ll reveal more in her next Playboy appearance. When Seacrest asked if she had a two or three part deal with the mag, Heidi would only respond, “maybe.” Heidi went on:

“For me personally, I feel like God created the body, and the body is beautiful,” she said. “The way God created us was naked. So I am not ashamed of it. I’m proud of it… This was such a blessed experience.”

That’s funny because I’d think if Heidi really believed that, she wouldn’t be going to plastic surgeons to get them enhanced. I don’t remember God ever saying, “Let there be light,” and then following it up with, “Let there be fake tits.”

And what’s Playboy trying to do anyway? Reveal her in parts? In two months they’ll show Heidi’s fake breasts. Then two months after they’ll show her flat ass? She’s not the statue of David. This is like revealing the Mona Lisa bit by bit only to find out it’s a replica and that by looking at the painting, you’re now cursed.

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Sheriff Crusty
Sheriff Crusty
14 years ago

After the “20 – 30 orgasms” insight, I wonder what gem we can expect in the next issue? That Heidi was 5 – 10 lucid thoughts a day?