Jamie Foxx plays the young man’s game

Pete Wentz did it, Soulja Boy sort of did it, Vanessa Hudgens has been doing it, Ashley Greene just did it and now Jamie Foxx wants to get in on the action. Supposedly. MediaTakeOut posted this very NSFW photo of the alleged Foxx self-shooting himself naked in the bathroom. No doubt to use as his MySpace profile pic. He forgot to do the I’m-so-innocent lemon face though. What a failure.

No confirmations or denials yet and I’m not motivated enough to magnify around this dude’s dick to conclude whether it’s “shopped” or if “I can see the pixels.” That’s not what I spent eight years sleeping through college for.

Update: Everyone is pretty sure this photo isn’t of Jamie Foxx so you’ve just been looking at some random guy’s dong. Fucking weirdo.

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