Jason Biggs face was almost bitten off by a monkey

Jason Biggs, who will forever be remembered as the guy who screwed a pie without even buying it dinner first, almost had his face bitten off by a monkey in Gibraltar.

“Jason and Eddie [Kaye Thomas] decided to go on the trip to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of Pie,” a source told US media.

“They were hiking in the woods when this monkey suddenly leapt on Jason from a tree and tried to bite his face off.

“Jason’s travelling companions managed to fend the beast off and Jason thankfully wasn’t seriously hurt, just shaken up.”

Isn’t it depressing that even in real life Jason Biggs is typecast as the bumbling idiot who finds himself in retarded situations that no normal person would ever find themselves in? Wait, did I say depressing? I meant hilarious. He almost got his face bitten off by a monkey! If his life progresses accordingly, next month he’s going to be almost decapitated after a pigeon flies full speed at his head and the month after that he’s going to almost choke to death on a ball of pubes caught in his throat. “Oh, that Jason,” people will say as they watch him almost die from a distance. “Always getting himself into HAIRY situations.”

[Image: Splash News]

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