Jennifer Aniston is still whiny

Bradley Cooper dated Jennifer Aniston’s fug ass for a brief second and then left her for the perma-lemon-faced Renee Zellweger. Jennifer Aniston feels “screwed over” by Cooper’s decision. Friends say not to worry and that “she’s used to being single and in work mode, and she’s used to rejection.” Wow. Jennifer’s friends sound lovely.

“She wanted to turn her date with Cooper into something…she honestly feels screwed over,” a pal tells Us of Aniston, who dined at NYC eatery Il Cantinori on June 18 with her He’s Just Not That Into You costar — a few weeks before he began dating Zellweger.

Aniston “doesn’t see what Renee has that she doesn’t,” continues the pal.

But friends of Zellweger, currently starring in My One and Only, detail why Cooper fell for the “no drama” actress.

“She just does her thing, has her friends and her life and is cool. She’s really happy and doesn’t need anyone to feel complete,” says one.

Adds another: “She’ll show up wearing a sexy dress and Louboutins, but will still order a beer and rattle off the dirty jokes.”

You mean Cooper didn’t want a girl who would cling to him like he was her last breath of air? Like he was her last chance at reproduction? A girl who would whine and pout whenever he wasn’t around and would take every opportunity to remind him just how boring she is? I don’t see why Cooper wouldn’t want that. That guy must be a real weirdo.

Page Six says Renee and Bradley may be over so I don’t know what the hell is going on.

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14 years ago

The friends of celebs are such assholes. I’d be pissed if my friends talked about my s**t with asshole paps.

14 years ago

If you google “spinster”, all you get is paparazi photos of Jennifer Aniston after being dump…yet again. And about a million links to her magazine interviews about her talking about being dump…and Angelina, her arch nemisis of course.