Joe Francis punched two girls

Joe Francis is a douchebag and probably regards Chris Brown with great admiration so it’s only fitting the cops are looking for him because he punched Playboy’s 2008 Playmate of the year Jayde Nicole at a club this morning.

According to Nicole, the attack happened after she spilled her drink on Francis. She says Francis became enraged and grabbed her by the hair, punched her, threw her to the ground where he kicked her.

One of Jayde’s friends tried to fight him off and Francis allegedly hit that girl also. Security was called in to try and break it up. Jenner tried to grab Francis’ and ended up ripping his shirt. Francis then ran out of club and hasn’t been seen since.

Earlier in the evening, Brody and Jayde attended at Stoli vodka party at a mansion in the Hollywood Hills and seemed anything but a happy couple.

Spywitnesses told that the two stayed away from each other most of the night. They had a big table for themselves and their friends but Jade huddled with her girlfriends and Brody stayed with his male pals checking out the barely dressed girls dancing around a stage. Despite ignoring each other most of the night they left together and headed out clubbing.

Somewhere Chris Brown is giving Joe a golf clap. Everywhere else, guys are hitting heavy bags in preparation for running into Joe and beating him like he stole the last slice of pizza. Where was Brody in all this? Cowering in the corner? What a good boyfriend. It’s just as well he didn’t stand up for his girlfriend who was punched and kicked on the ground. Watching him fight would be embarrassing. He’d probably be throwing arm punches while cocking his head way back so he doesn’t mess up his hair. If Brody was a real man, Joe would be real easy to find. He’d be the guy with a steel-toed boot stuck in his ass.

Here’s Brody Jenner and Jayde Nicole out in LA on Monday.

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