Joe Rogan drinks his own pee

Joe Rogan posted a new video on his site of him cleaning his nose with a Water Pik, arguing with an annoying fan at a comedy show and drinking his own urine. Influenced mainly by current undefeated UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida who drinks his pee every day after waking up, Rogan says he’s tried the ritual a few times before, but this may be the first time he convinces someone else to shoot urine with him on camera. Skip to around 4 minutes to see it.

I don’t care what magical powers you get if you drink your own pee. I’m not doing it. I don’t care if it’ll make my penis grow 10 inches or if I’ll be able to seduce supermodels with only my eyes. I’m not doing it. If I was stranded with no water, I’d sooner try to suck the moisture out of dirt than quench my thirst with my own pee.

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