Jon Gosselin is convincing

Jon Gosselin, responsible and compassionate father of 8, had a sleepover last night with a woman identified as Stephanie Santoro. Radar Online reports:

“Providing more drama off screen than in front of it, Jon spent the night with Stephanie Santoro, 23, a cocktail waitress, single mom and aspiring model whose online resume reveals she’s willing to pose nude!” [Radar Online]

Hah. The celebrity gossip media would have you believe that this little get together was the latest of Jon’s recent string of  sexual conquests, but not me. No, sir. I’m too smart for that. I read between the lines. Jon has alleged that Stephanie is the babysitter of his eight children, which makes perfect sense, considering the fact that the kids were away on a camping trip with their mother, and the fact that Jon met Stephanie just that night at the bar where she was working, and the fact that the two headed back to his place at 3AM, and also the fact that she stayed at his place until about 7:15 AM, where she emerged, dressed in the same clothing she was wearing last night.

What, does that sound suspicious or something?

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