Kate Gosselin is a bitch

Kate Gosselin filmed an interview at the Today studios on Monday with Meredith Vieira and the consensus is that she’s “a total bitch.” A staff member says Kate hinted she’d walk off the show if cameras filmed the large entourage she came in with.

‘We get virtually all of the world’s biggest egos coming through here,” added the source. ”But Kate was one of the most unpleasant I’ve seen in working here for many years.”

When she left, she was overheard whining about Vieira and “swearing like a drunken sailor.” Evidently pissed off about the reasonable questions she was asked.

”Meredith very clearly, and in a straightforward way, asked exactly the questions you’d expect. She asked about the alleged affair with her bodyguard — which really seemed to p— [Kate] off — her relationship with Jon [Gosselin], how her kids were doing and whether ‘if you could do it over again, would you?’ ”

A spokesman for Today denied these allegations and said Kate was a very gracious guest. In layman’s terms, Kate Gosselin figuratively and literally put his balls in a vise and told him to watch his mouth. She’d probably bitch you out for getting her water that was 78 degrees when she specifically asked for 76 degrees. Every time she talks, people must get this crazy urge to slap her like it was a natural reflex. Like when the doctors hit you on the knee with that tiny hammer. Kate’s voice is that hammer.

  • Laura

    ughhh, “for my kids, for my kids, for my kids” SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY. we all get it. Your fucking ugly life is those 8 kids. Christ, you jammed your uterus with six fertilzed eggs then claimed it was Jesus that brought them into this world. THEN stated that you expected the church & neighbors to help buy shit for them. No wonder Jon left your ass. He wasn’t getting any, obviously, so he had to go somewhere else. Jon probably still has nightmares about those times when he’d have sex with Kate & her mouth kept talking about those damn 8 kids in the middle of it.

    • BooGaLou

      Right on! She tried to totally emasculate her husband with her unbelievable bitchiness. It’s a credit to his testosterone that he got sick of it and began plowing younger stuff. Call him Jon Ho.

      However, I do respect Kate’s drive to provide income for her obscenely large family by making their lives public, for how else would one support such a herd on Jon’s intermittent blue collar income and Kate’s personality so abrasive that she probably couldn’t keep a job unless she worked for the airlines.

      • Laura

        errr…If she claims that she HAD to do a reality show to help support her family cuz Jon was a low-life (i’m sure that’s what she thought of his career) then Kate should have never brought that many children into this world. THAT was selfish on her part.

    • felicia

      Totally agree with you. Whatever happened to having the amount of kids you can afford?? Some people have no sense.

      I especially like the part where you pointed out that she crammed her uterus with eggs and then said Jesus brought them into this world. Good visual!!!

  • I can’t imagine how he hung in there as long as he did. I agree about the bitch slap reflex she brings out. She is such a bitch. I will bet she tells those kids lots of bad things about dad when the cameras are off.

  • Penni

    All of you need to shut up what and who the hell are you to judge her ! You all need to grow up and get a grip ! She didn’t ask for 6 kids her and jon wanted one more ! and When Ur pregnant you don’t know if its one or more till ultrasound ! And Its possible only one or two could have survived ! no one asks for six thats how many they implant in you in hopes of one or two fertilizing as usually one or two will fertilize and the rest usually die if there not ! So Piss off and stop blaming and bashing Kate!

    • Leslie

      Penni come down to reality Kate is a bitch. You should know if you go to a fertility specialist chances are you are going to have both than one child. Kate totally cheated Jon like a child neither one is no angel but Kate from watching the show caused most of the problems. It should not be about neither one of them it should be about their children.

  • Piss Off you Wanker

    Penni is the one that needs to as she put “shut up”.

    Do you know that Kate KNEW as per the book Multiple Blessings that Beth Carson wrote that Kate knew that she had over stimulated ovary’s, yet went ahead and had 4! fertilized embryos implanted. She KNEW that they could all split resulting in multiples which she wanted as her own mother has said.

    Jon has said in old interviews he said DIDN’T want any more as the could’nt afford the twins they had. Yet Kate got her way and blew thew the inheritance that was left to Jon when his father died on more fertility treatments.

    One day those kids are going to read what horrible people their parents are for pimping them out for money.

    Like how their own mother sold their pain of being told of their parents impending divorce to People Magazine in which Kate told the magazine what each child’s reaction was to being told.

    Can anyone tell me what sane mother would sell their children’s pain for cash??

    {Sorry Kate DIDN’T write the book Multiple Blessings , Beth tells how it was she who wrote it and that basically Kate was only a contributor} here}

  • Randy

    The funny thing here is if it were Kate that were being verbally abused the way she outright abuses Jon, this would be an entirely different story line. But because it’s a man being verbally abused people don’t seem to care one way or the other. In fact, many people don’t even mention that fact that he’s endured her abuse for years, and make HIM out to be the bad guy because he finally had enough of her shit, got out, and found someone else who wouldn’t bitch day and night at him.

    The first time I ever saw the show I didn’t know what it was about or even what it was called. After watching a few minutes of it I thought it was one of those shows that outlines verbal abuse in a marriage, and how that it was obviously the wife in this case that was constantly berating her husband over nothing.

    Then I saw it was this show called Jon & Kate Plus 8, and I thought, “Wow, that lady is really bitchy to her husband”. So here we are a year or so later and Jon FINALLY got the hell outta there because he’d had enough of the petty bullshit from her. I couldn’t take it and I don’t know any of my friends who could or would take that kind of constant bitching.

    She can claim whatever she wants. The FACT is Jon Gosselin left his wife because of years of abuse, which we were all witness to by way of their TV show. And now she has the gall to call Jon a pathological liar regarding her being verbally abusive?

    Denial truly is an ungly thing I guess . . .

    But abusers never see themselves as the problem. They lay blame with everything and everyone else except where it truly is: THEMSELVES.

  • mimishamu

    No question about it—Jon had enough of that woman bitching and sniping at him day in and day out. I personally HATE Kate; I can tell you right now that I wouldn’t let my pets alone with her!! Kate just bitched him out on national TV for the LAST TIME!! What does she expect when she’s making him feel like less a man and that nothing he does is right? How would she like to be put on a short leash every hour of the day and be sniped at for every little thing she says and does? I wish them both well, but I wish most for Jon to find the happiness he deserves and it sounds like Hailey is the right woman for him now. She’s accepted his children, she loves them, and regardless of her “shady past” we must remember not to judge her by past mistakes. After all, who is perfect–read this, Kate–you’re not exactly perfect either, in fact you’re far from it!! I’d fix my brother up with a very laid-back and easygoing woman who is lots of fun like Hailey over a controlling and loud-mouth witch whose main purpose in life is making everybody else miserable. Hang in there, Jon and children!!

  • mimishamu

    P.S. Randy and Laura, I agree with your comments 100%!!!

  • Vicki

    Kate Gosselin is going to use her 15 min of fame all the way! SHE knows that in no time, maybe a few months, no one will want her face on their mag and no one will care what she has to say. (MOST OF US are already to that point!) The sad thing is that while she is running to this show and that interview, she is missing the most wonderful part of her young children’s lives. Missing out on those little things we all remember and hold dearly. Has anyone noticed that she is trying to change her image and be a realmom for the entire show? She thinks that if she is a mom for an hour that it is enough. But then as soon as the cameras are gone–poof poof like majic, OLD KATE returns! I MEAN LEAVES–she is out getting her nails done or running an errand and leaves those little ones with a sitter like always. YES she is splitting the time with Jon, and has time to herself on those days, but on HER DAYS, unless the TLC crew is there,she is NOT! Poor children, only have a momy if a camera is there to film it! How strange that must feel to them, how scary too! If the cameras stop, will mommy ever hug them or play with them again, willmommy ever be around? So sad so sad. I KNOW there are children across the world that see even less of their parents, and are abused physically and emotionally, but WE PAY these children’s parents for their treatment. By watching, by buying the mags, by everything we do that supports them. IF U CARE about the children–show TLC and the GOSSELIN parents–by NOT watching and NOT buying into anything related to them. I am sure they have enough MONEY by now to raise these children! I raised 3 happy children on a 30,000 yearly salary. We went on vacations and bought them the things they needed and all three have found success as adults. Do not let this couple go on this way — or thier kids suffer any longer!

  • SickofKate

    Those kids are merely a prop to her… period. Anyone can see her ego on any show she is on. Make no mistake, she is about her and pimps her kids to front it. I think we are all tired of how she hates being away from her kids, but needs the money. I’m sure she has made enough money for a couple of life times to raise those kids… but I’ll wait for the reality show when they go to college

  • Lin

    kate is crazy, as jon is, Kate definitely needs some serious help. She is scaring her kids! I saw her bitch and whine while camping outdoors with the Palins. She whines like a damn kid.
    So her husband Jon, for leaving this lunatic wife of his and not helping her cope with this much stress.
    Shame on this parents, shouldn’t be filming.

    • Mike

      the only mistake Jon made was not putting his foot down when it actually mattered (wouldn’t really be able to tell you when, just saying) until it was too late.

  • Kitty

    I worked with her on a photo shoot once, and she is THE DEVIL!!!!!! She didnt shut her mouth once the entire day. She talked to her children as if they were not even humans. She yelled at the photographer and berated him as well. The children are unruly and have definitely been affected by her constant berating and nasty comments. And that ‘bodygaurd’ is a total pushover of a man and HAS to be getting some action in order to be taking that much shit from such a horrible woman. He is definitely her boyfriend. She is the bossiest bitch I have aver worked with, and I have worked with many celebrities who actually have talent and merit.

    She is an awful, awful human being. The worst mother and person I have ever seen in person. I was absolutely appalled at how this beast behaved. I hope those kids can be saved..


    Geez Kate is a B-I-T-C-H!  I’m watching “Kate Plus 8” right now where they are in the RV’s on a road trip.  How does anyone get along with that control freak? She is always pissed off about something and nagging about every little thing.  Kate, you need to loosen up a little bit and stop thinking the world revolves around you, it doesn’t and if you don’t want people photographing you then stay your bitchy ass inside!  Did you expect becoming famous didn’t come with people photographing you? 

  • The truth

    Hooray the cunt lost her show. Maybe after her face work she can become a porn star so I can see someone drop a load on her face. Now that would be entertainment.

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