Kate Gosselin is a bitch

Kate Gosselin filmed an interview at the Today studios on Monday with Meredith Vieira and the consensus is that she’s “a total bitch.” A staff member says Kate hinted she’d walk off the show if cameras filmed the large entourage she came in with.

‘We get virtually all of the world’s biggest egos coming through here,” added the source. ”But Kate was one of the most unpleasant I’ve seen in working here for many years.”

When she left, she was overheard whining about Vieira and “swearing like a drunken sailor.” Evidently pissed off about the reasonable questions she was asked.

”Meredith very clearly, and in a straightforward way, asked exactly the questions you’d expect. She asked about the alleged affair with her bodyguard — which really seemed to p— [Kate] off — her relationship with Jon [Gosselin], how her kids were doing and whether ‘if you could do it over again, would you?’ ”

A spokesman for Today denied these allegations and said Kate was a very gracious guest. In layman’s terms, Kate Gosselin figuratively and literally put his balls in a vise and told him to watch his mouth. She’d probably bitch you out for getting her water that was 78 degrees when she specifically asked for 76 degrees. Every time she talks, people must get this crazy urge to slap her like it was a natural reflex. Like when the doctors hit you on the knee with that tiny hammer. Kate’s voice is that hammer.