Lady GaGa is a role model

A Lady Gaga lookalike is wanted by Merseyside Police for involvement in an apparently unprovoked attack that occurred a month before:

“The blonde suspect and five friends allegedly attacked the man during a boozy-night out in Liverpool last month, leaving him with a broken ankle and bruises.

…It is thought the victim was kicked and punched repeatedly by the group and detectives are appealing for witnesses to help with the inquiry.

The six women that detectives wish to speak to are all believed to be in their twenties.” [Click Liverpool]

Apparently there’s no word on how she resembles Lady Gaga other than the fact that she’s a blonde. Great work, U.K. police. So we’re looking for  a blonde who has about five friends. I’ll get right on it, we’ll get an international manhunt on the way. If she dresses anything like Lady Gaga she’ll be a hard one to spot indeed, sequined unitards and nipple tape are a dime a dozen on the world’s youth today. Of course, seeing as the attack occurred about a month ago, chances are she’s not dressed the same way she was a month ago. Great work, Click Liverpool. Talk about investigative reporting. What with the wealth of information and illustrative description we were given, this bitch’ll be brought to justice in no time at all…

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14 years ago

It’s hard to tell if Lady Gaga is really really talented or a moron.