Leighton Meester has learned a lot from not having a sex tape

Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester is in next month’s Harper’s Bazaar magazine decrying the cost of fame– presumably those particular costs that lead to reports that there’s a sex tape of you and some schlub from a few years back being shopped around for a distribution deal. Yeah, that’d be a drawback, all right:

“[The tape] is not real… So it makes me sort of sad. It’s unfortunate that it got carried as far as it did. I don’t want a lot of what comes along with all of this. I definitely understand the nature of people better now and that the mere allegation of something like that could be headline news. People think it’s real because somebody says it is.”

Um… I’m looking at those stills from the offending video and, well, it kinda does look like you, sweetheart. I’m pretty sure that’s the reason people suspect it might be real. It very well may not be you on that tape, but please don’t make it out to sound like we’re either suckers or members of the crack-but-corrupt Celebrity Detective team, determined to rustle out the flimsiest of evidence and make it stick. Really, it’s not that complicated. Sometimes, when there’s smoke, there might be fire. And sometimes, when there’s a foot-job between people who have those very special feelings for each other, there might be a rolling video camera.

[Harper’s Bazaar, Images courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar]

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