Leighton Meester is obnoxious, sexy

Celebrating a friend’s birthday at Philippe in East Hampton Saturday night, Leighton Meester and friends got into a Happy Birthday shouting/screaming match with girls at a nearby table. According to a diner, two tables of girls shrieking Happy Birthday at each other is rather irritating.

“She was rallying her friends to out-scream the ‘Happy Birthday’ song of a nearby table of girls,” says a diner. “Both tables started screaming obnoxiously back and forth at one another until Leighton finally stood up on the table and started dancing.”

Leighton seems fun. None of my screaming matches end in a sexy dance-off. Most of the time it’s just me slamming the door to my room, swearing I’m going to move out of my parent’s house and crying into a pile of stuffed animals. Do every one of her arguments end in a weird case of tourettes? Because I wouldn’t mind being emasculated in front of my friends if it meant being able to watch that hot piece of ass jump on a table and start wiggling her ass at me in a short skirt.

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