Lindsay Lohan is on set in a bikini

Robert Rodriguez offered Lindsay Lohan a job in his upcoming film, Machete, which is a spin-off of a fake trailer from Grindhouse. Lindsay, who regrettably (for her) rejected Heather Graham’s role in The Hangover, probably took it on the spot.

Make no mistake about it. Lindsay is a horrible actress. But for the purpose of this film, that’s a blessing considering Machete looks like it’s supposed to be a campy B-movie. She’s got this. It may be the easiest gig she’s ever had. Second only to that Fornarina commercial where she just stands around pretending to be a camera .

Here she is on set in a bikini with her dyed blonde hair.

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Buck Futter
14 years ago

eeeewwwwww. This chick looks more and more like Gollum every day. And in the 4th pic up top you can see where all the fake tan goop stops and there’s a giant white line bc when she doesn’t have a top on that’s how low her tits sag. My throw up just threw up.

14 years ago

Isn’t she supposed to be portraying a hooker in this movie? If so, she perfectly cast…just like Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler. Skank it up!

14 years ago

@ Buck Futter LOL!

Her fake tan is blotchy at best and her tits will be bouncing off her knees soon.