Manhunt underway in British Columbia for Ryan Jenkins

Ryan Jenkins has been charged with the murder of Jasmine Fiore and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. Authorities in British Columbia are holding an “all out manhunt” and employing helicopters and police dogs to search for the reality TV show contestant who is believed to have fled there two days ago.

A press conference held yesterday gave more grisly details about the death of Jasmine Fiore. Officials said that in addition to being strangled and stuffed naked in a suitcase, Fiore’s fingers and teeth were removed. Most likely to delay the identification of the victim. Jenkins must watch too much CSI.

“The officers found a large bloodstained gray suitcase containing the body of a Caucasian female. The victim had been badly beaten, all of her fingers had been cut off, and all of her teeth had been forcibly removed,” prosecutors said in a statement released Thursday.

On Saturday night, Jenkins reported Fiore missing to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, prosecutors said, adding that he then fled Southern California. His whereabouts over the last few days were unknown, but on Wednesday he apparently surfaced in Washington state.

“The defendant’s black BMW X5 was found with a boat trailer attached in a marina in Blaine, Wash.,” the Orange County district attorney’s office said. “The defendant is accused of using a speedboat to flee from the U.S. to Canada.”

Not sure why Jenkins fled to Canada when Mexico is closer. All the movies say that you can do anything in Mexico with enough money. True, you run the risk of being kidnapped for your organs, but on the other hand, you could just as easily live the life of luxury by hiring tranny hand maidens to feed you grapes every day.

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Zoe Chase
Zoe Chase
14 years ago

Ryan Jenkins is found dead…..he committed suicide in a hotel in Surrey BC Canada August 23/2009~!
Thank God~!