Mark Wahlberg is married

You know that Mark Wahlberg dude? The one who’s idea of acting is to play himself in every single role? He’s married now. To long time girlfriend and model Rhea Durham. One of our nation’s most beloved treasures is off the market. He brought us Entourage!

Wahlberg donned a dark suit and the bride wore a white strapless Marchesa dress with silver embroidery and a Neil Lane diamond-and-platinum cushion-cut ring complemented by a diamond bracelet and earrings. “She looked like a princess and beyond stunning. Mark looked ecstatic,” says an eyewitness shortly after the ceremony, which lasted for about 45 minutes in the church, which was decorated with candles and pink and light purple roses.

If this piece of news made you curious as to what good films Mark Wahlberg has starred in, the answer is none. Maybe Boogie Nights. I Heart Huckabees, The Departed and Three Kings were all decent because of the rest of the cast. His IMDB page is basically a list of films you don’t want to watch.

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