Megan Fox was at the Teen Choice Awards

Megan Fox and Robert Pattinson accepted their Choice Hottie surfboard award at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night presented by that Dane Cook guy. You know, the one everyone booed.

“Wow. I hope that I get lucky enough in the future to be a part of something that you like as much as you like ‘Transformers,’ ” she told the crowd. “And I love you guys. And I’m gonna shut up now so you can all look at Robert Pattinson.”

This is great and all, but do we really need to award Megan Fox a prize to confirm that, yes, everyone wants to bang her? Can’t we just settle on the intangibles like the heaps of praise bestowed upon her every day and the always open offer of sleeping with me? If we absolutely must award her something tangible that reaffirms her beauty, something that she can hold on to and admire daily, it might as well be my erect penis.

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