Mischa Barton still crazy

Per Page Six, Mischa Barton is back to being weird. On Saturday night, Barton had a “disastrous dinner” at Sant Ambroeus. “She was upset and talking frantically into her phone about having a stalker. Her friends were trying to console her, but she went outside and chain-smoked cigarettes.”

Mischa must have been thrilled someone would actually follow her boring ass around town. She was probably calling her other friends to tell them how popular she is. Odds are it’s not even a real stalker either. It’s really just AT&T calling about long distance service. That conversation must be confusing as hell for them.

Mischa: “Stop calling me. How did you get this number?!”
AT&T: “We have it on file.”
Mischa: “You’re sick. You’re sick! Stop stalking me!”

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All Women Stalker
14 years ago

Partying too soon.


14 years ago

Hello there… Mr Blogger asshole who desperately needs attention. This is a young girl you are talking about not someone you would even have the chance to have a conversation with… But then that’s the problem isn’t it? I just hope that she doesn’t really have a stalker since so many celebrities do. Like you for instance, aren’t you some kind of stalker too, virulently hating anyone who is in the headlines or has talent??? HMMM maybe you should get a life.

Sheriff Crusty
Sheriff Crusty
14 years ago

If you don’t like what Mr Blogger asshole (TM) writes, why hang out on this site? Stop your self-righteous friend-of-the-beautiful-people whining and let the rest of us enjoy ourselves!