Morons, every last one of them

Michael Douglas’ son, Cameron, was arrested last July for trying to move half-a-pound of meth between California and New York. On Monday, Cameron’s girlfriend, Kelly Sott, was caught trying to slip Cameron an electric toothbrush filled with dime bags of heroin in the handle.

One source at the courthouse said that Sott herself looked tired and worn. A criminal complaint against Sott said that inside the battery compartment of the toothbrush she brought her boyfriend, guards found “about 19 glassines” with a brownish substance “that appeared to be heroin.”

Field test indicated it was, in fact, about seven grams of heroin.

Maybe next time she can hide a nail file in a cake and then Cameron can try to dig his way out with a rock hammer. Michael Douglas must be real proud of his son for being such an entrepreneur. I know I would be. When other dads compare their sons achievements to those of Michael’s, Michael will be able to say, “Your son is a cancer researcher, huh? Well, can he hide half a pound of meth in his anus? Because apparently my son can’t. F**k you!” Hm, maybe that conversation wouldn’t go too well.

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14 years ago

Cameron looks like a fat ugly rachel maddow