Nicolas Cage hunted by the IRS

Back in the day, Nicolas Cage was a cool actor starring in films like Face/Off and Con Air. These days he can barely put asses in seats. After National Treasure, his career took a nosedive for whatever reason.

Things aren’t getting better either. According to the IRS, Nicolas Cage owes $6.2 million in unpaid taxes from 2007. That year he had the pleasure of being in Ghost Rider and Grindhouse. He’s planning to raise the money by selling off his homes in Louisiana and Hollywood.

The bright side in all this is his upcoming film Kick-Ass is supposed to be awesome. The downside is that Ghost Rider 2 is still in development. That’s like escaping a burning building only to shoot yourself in the face the next day.

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Frank Fitton
14 years ago

It seems amazing to me that Nicolas Cage is facing this tax bill right now. Firstly because its his second time in trouble with them in less than a year, you’d think he’d learn the lesson the first time….Don’t mess with the IRS.

Secondly, the guy makes $12 million per film, you’d think he could easily come up with the $6 million and change to satisfy the IRS. Could there be problems we don’t know about. Drugs? Gambling? Madoff?