Oprah might be off her diet

Page Six really goes after Oprah today. They write that despite recently expressing concern about her weight, Oprah “ate her way through the city” over the weekend.

The daytime queen brought a group of girls from her Leadership Academy in South Africa to town, and she didn’t watch her diet. Oprah and crew, including Gayle King, ate shrimp fajitas and potato skins at Planet Hollywood in Times Square Saturday night. On Sunday, the group went to Dylan’s Candy Bar on Third Avenue, where Oprah walked out with bags of Starbursts, Hershey Kisses and Malt Balls, according to a source. Later that day, everyone had more dessert at Serendipity 3.

More like Oprah ate the city. Amiright? Asked for comment, Oprah said she was doing it (eating everything) for the kids. When one of the kids she was doing it for ran past her with an ice cream cone, she said “gimme gimme gimme,” snatched the cone from their hand and swallowed it.

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