Paula Abdul quit over Twitter

Paula Abdul was making between $2 to $3 million a year for American Idol, but after hearing how big of raise Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell got, $45 million and $100 million, respectively, she got sad and felt she deserved a similar raise.

Early reports say she asked for $20 million. Execs took that to heart, giggled and countered with $10 million. They thought they had a dialogue going and were prepared to hear Paula’s counter of $30 million and was set to tell her that’s not how negotiations work, but her unanticipated goodbye tweet put an end to that. In fact, American Idol took that as her informal resignation, waved goodbye and did that twirly thing with their finger around their ear to signify the end of the lunacy.

We’re told Paula made it especially difficult during the negotiations because she changed management twice.

One person at “Idol” called her reaction “an emotional tweet.” You don’t learn that in law school.

Paula is going to head home today, stare into her cupboard of nearly empty bottles of liquor, look in her wallet, drop to her knees and sob, “What have I done?!” She’ll be back on the show in three weeks. This time for much less than $2 million. She’ll be happy if she even gets paid in expired Vicodins.

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14 years ago

simon is worth it..but seacrest? that’s debatable..

14 years ago

Abdul, pff, c’mon, it’s abbout time she gets thrown off the air. What the heck did she bring to the show anyway?
She had 2 hit songs 20 + years ago, she didn’t even write them. She knows NOTHING about music. I’m sure Ellen won’t cry at every friggin’ singer she ears. I also hope she won’t use that stage for guay propaganda. Can we just focus on the friggin’ music here.
Simon’s the man!!! Seacrest… 45 Mil, are you kidding me?