Sean Penn will attempt to divorce a 3rd time

Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn are asking for a divorce for the third time. The most recent filing was back in June. After reconciling, Sean pulled out of two movies and called the filing an “arrogant mistake.” They list “irreconcilable differences” as the reason and have stated they will share custody of their 16-year-old son. Robin won’t ask for spousal support.

People say that this time it’s for real. Maybe. Which is great because they need to get this over with. My poor heart can’t take the anticipation anymore. This is almost as bad as when I ordered a ham and cheese sandwich and they told me they ran out of cheese, then they found more, but then they ran out of ham. Stop toying with me sandwich man!

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All Women Stalker
14 years ago

They’re probably addicted to makeup sex.