So You Think You Can Rape

Former So You Think You Can Dance choreographer, Alex Da Silva, was arrested this morning at his North Hollywood home and charged with eight felony counts of assault in a case of choreography gone wrong. TMZ says:

That includes four counts of forcible rape, two counts of assault with intent to commit rape and two counts of sexual penetration by a foreign object.

The D.A. says the alleged assaults occurred between August 2002 and March 2009. The four alleged victims were between the ages of 20 and 26 and were all dancers or aspiring dancers who say they met Alex through his dance instruction classes.

Alex was arrested for pretty much the same thing back in April, but prosecutors declined to press charges — saying further investigation was needed to move forward.

Guys, guys, guys. This is obviously a big misunderstanding. Alex was trying a hot little dance number he came up with and, him being so passionate about dance, one thing led to another and all of a sudden he’s sexually penetrated two people with a foreign object. You know how it goes. If Alex is guilty of anything, it’s caring too much.

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