Sophie Monk went to the beach

I’m positive Sophie Monk is famous for something other than being a sheath for Benji Madden’s penis. If not, then that’s too bad. I’d sooner be known for kicking babies than for having sex with Benji Madden. If you told me I’d make a million dollars if I had sex with him, I’d punch you in the face as soon as you said “Benji.”

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Sage Reynolds
14 years ago

My God, when will these wanna bes! get over them selfves and focus on working and possibly try to be taken seriously instead of these terribly staged posed beach shots. 10 years ago I watched Sophie get picked on a show called Popstars which resulted in a manufactured girl group called Bardot in Aus, I thought I would google Sophie see how far shes come since then, since they played a rerun of popstars recently. Dear me girl, try and connect with that ambitious girl back then, because you seem to be channeling the likes of Paris Hilton for perhaps… Read more »