Steven Tyler looks, um, different

A little while ago, Steven Tyler suffered a broken shoulder when he fell off a stage in South Dakota sending him to the hospital and forcing him to cancel his tour. Well, he was recently photographed at Pembroke Center Liqours in Boston with actor Chuck Slavin and what the hell did the doctors there do to him? He looks like he should be shuffling down the street with those walkers that have tennis balls on the feet.

They must have switched his chart up when he went to the hospital. This is why I never go to the doctors. One minute they’re testing your blood pressure, the next they’re gassing you up and giving you a sex reassignment surgery. Hopefully Tyler got a nice set of tits out of the mix-up.

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All Women Stalker
14 years ago

That’s him?? Seriously? He should lose the shades.


14 years ago

That doesn’t even look like Steven Tyler. Looks more like Calista Flockheart that Tyler. I think it’s a poser.

14 years ago

That is NOT Steven Tyler. Come on people!