They might finally bury Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson died on June 25th. It’s now August 17th, nearly two months later, and he still hasn’t been buried. Don’t worry though. Joe Jackson says it’ll happen soon. Most likely on August 29th, what would have been Michael’s 51st birthday. Surprisingly, Joe got all choked up when he talked about the burial plans. Unsurprisingly, it was because his ribs went down the wrong pipe. Per the NYDN:

The elder Jackson indicated that the burial plans had been made final just in the past few days. He discussed the burial over ribs and jalapeño corn bread at the poolside Simon at Palms Place at the Palms hotel and casino.

By the time Michael is actually buried, into the ground, he’ll look like a mummy. He’ll be required by law to be entombed in a pyramid and surrounded by gold statues of himself. Which isn’t that bad if you think about it. If Joe had his way, Michael wouldn’t even be laid to rest for another year. Joe would probably turn him into a marionette and force him to perform in Vegas seven nights a week.

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chinese translation
14 years ago

Your music lives on. You will be remembered every time your song is played on the radio. Thank you Michael for the your legacy.