Victoria Beckham to guest judge on “American Idol”

I have good news and bad news. First, the bad news. Victoria Beckahm will be making a one-off guest appearance as a judge on American Idol. This comes a little over a day after Paula Abdul resigned from the show over Twitter and is seen as a major get for Victoria as she’s wanted to gain a foothold in America for quite a while.

Hopefully contestants won’t be too offended when they’re critiqued by one of the Spice Girls which is like being given career advice by the homeless man asking you for change. Probably the only help advice she’ll give is to get bigger tits so people will overlook their mediocre voice. A very valid suggestion, I might add.

Now the good news. The TV says I can save on car insurance with Geico. Score! But then it had googly eyes on a stack of bills and they played a song that said someone is always watching me. Ahhhh! This is not good news at all.

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14 years ago

the big tits are a distraction from her face too

Chris R
14 years ago

Paula Abdul is a trip. She made the show kind of weird anyway.

Didn’t she sleep with one of the contestants a couple years ago?