Ashlee Simpson is passive agressive

While Jessica Simpson is singing at local fairs and trying to catch the greased pig that stole her paycheck, her sister Ashlee is raising her 10-month old son Bronx and starring in the remake of Melrose Place and being generally successful. In the October issue of Redbook, Ashlee makes sure to twist that knife even deeper.

When asked whether she envies the fact that Jessica isn’t tied down, Ashlee admits, “I really don’t. She’s always saying, ‘Oh, I want a baby!’ Being a mom’s so empowering and incredible. I’m one of those people who believes that life brings things to you at a certain time for a certain reason, and if you just go with it, that’s where the best moments come from.”

That sharp pain Jessica feels in her heart right now? That’s not going away any time soon. Especially since whenever Jessica confesses to Ashlee that she wants children, Ashlee shoves Bronx in her face and asks why she doesn’t go out and have one. It’s so easy!

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