Aubrey O’Day <3s Fidel Castro, Hitler

In an astounding turn of events that probably made Rupert Murdoch turn in his grave, Sean Hannity invited Aubrey O’Day onto the show to discuss serious political and societal issues such as America’s health care reform. Aubrey O’Day took the opportunity to let be known that she thinks Fidel Castro was da bomb. Hitler was too.

When U.S. Representative Diane Watson regarded the (arguably cuddly) communist dictator Fidel Castro as a “brilliant leader,” Audrey O’Day called upon her wealth of knowledge of political discernment and gushed: “I’m not defending his behavior in many instances, but I do have to say that I will 100% agree he’s an incredibly brilliant man,” citing the fact that she “worked with him” when she was in Cuba.

I have absolutely racked my brain trying to figure out what line of “work” would bring two incredibly different people- a ruthless communist dictator responsible for the death of thousands and a D-list starlett best known for her friendship with pornstar Jenna Jameson- together for even thirty seconds, let alone enough time for Aubrey O’Day to conclude that he was indeed a “brilliant man,” and I’ve come up with nothing. Someone needs to tell Aubrey O’Day that the Fidel Castro she met wasn’t actually Fidel Castro himself, but a documentary she saw on the history channel about Fidel Castro. I know, darling. The lines between reality and television can get a bit blurred for you. I understand.

Oh yeah, and who else does Aubrey O’Day think is brilliant aside from Castro? Hitler. Of course.

Watch above. Brain cells don’t grow back easily.

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