Aubrey O’Day has had it

Aubrey O’Day made an impassioned speech on YouTube today regarding topless pics that were leaked of her from her performance in the Las Vegas musical Peepshow (here, NSFW). Aubrey says that because of it, she’s taking a stand and won’t perform just for tonight. Clearly the people who had nothing to do with the leak and paid good money to see the show must now be punished.

Apparently this is happening because she’s mad some people were making fun of her body. Although in their defense, it’s hard not to when to the left of her photo is one of Holly Madison topless in the same show taunting Aubrey with her perfect breasts and six pack.

Aubrey whines about how hard it is to be a female celebrity these days pointing out that people are constantly scrutinizing their bodies. As if implying that the general public ties her worth as a celebrity to how skinny and sexy she looks. Crazy talk! Then she takes off her shirt and flashes everyone on YouTube. Basically, Aubrey O’Day’s point was this: “Tits!”

  • the man from amsterdam

    oh jezus, poor guy. thats no way to live. i hope his knob is normal now.

  • Gerry Rafael

    Man, you´re sick. What vagina? You obviously don´t know much about pussies.

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