Audrina Patridge calls out Heidi Montag

Audrina Patridge, hot on the press junket promoting her new slasher flick Sorority Row, has taken it upon herself to throw a few potshots Heidi Montag’s way–specifically, Heidi’s recent foray into singing.

“I feel like Heidi, you know, she’s doing it for fun, where a lot of singers and people, they work their ass off, and they actually have amazing voices and they can really sing and perform, and I feel like a lot of people don’t get to experience what Heidi has, going on in front of a billion people and perform on TV,” Patridge told “I just don’t think she’s taking it that serious, and that’s what’s kind of disappointing for me, for music lovers out there.”

Far be it for me to speak on behalf of the world’s music lovers, but let’s face it: if Heidi Montag decided to take this anymore “seriously” and release more music, most of us would be signing up for sign language classes pretty quickly–since the knitting needles we just jammed deep into our ear canals are definitely going to interfere with the whole “processing sound waves” thing our brains had going on.

But why would Patridge get a little snippy now? Well, she’s leaving The Hills. But it’s not all burnt bridges, as Audrina credits the show with helping her with “going to auditions and sitting in front of the camera… blocking the camera out and just getting into character.” Yes, well, excellent. Good luck, sweetheart. Presumably, as long as there are lots of casting calls for vapid, talentless young women who are cute in a “what-are-those-dead-soulless-eyes-of-hers-looking-at?” kind of way, she should be farting through silk.

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