Catfight! Catfight!

In June of last year, rumors were that Jessica Alba was being considered for the remake of the 1968 Barbarella with Robert Rodriguez attached to direct. On Thursday, MSN claimed that both Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox are auditioning for the lead and are “battling” for the lead role of Barbarella.

A source revealed: “This will be the first time Ange and Megan have ever faced off for the same role.

“Ange is really feeling the pressure. Ange knows that to win roles she has to look youthful.”

The insider added: “Megan is stunning and fast becoming a huge star. Angelina is petrified.”

Take this with a grain of salt because when was the last time Angelina had to audition for a role. All she has to do is mention a film and she’ll get a $10 million offer. Whatever though. I’m fine with watching either Angelina or Megan almost die by excessive orgasms. This time on screen and not in my bedroom.

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