Chris Brown beat Rihanna because he wasn’t taught how to love

Chris Brown doesn’t want to make excuses for what he did that fateful night (if anyone forgot, it was punching Rihanna in the face a hundred times), but he says that he and Rihanna are both young and “nobody taught us how to love one another. No one taught us a book on how to control our emotions, our anger. I’m not trying to fall on the fact that I’m young. There’s a lot of stuff I wish I could have changed that night.”

That makes perfect sense. You see, no one ever read “Don’t Punch Your Defenseless Girlfriend in the Face” to Chris. That should have been one of the first books taught to him as a child right after “How Do I Love” and “Chicken Little.” Back when I was in kindergarten, it was part of the basic curriculum. At the very least, that book should have been on Chris’ Scholastic summer reading list. But it wasn’t and still isn’t. The schools have failed our children. If you think about it, the school system should have been on trial and avoiding Larry King’s questions, not Chris. You could even make the argument that it was the school system who punched Rihanna in the face a thousand times and then bit her fingers.

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