Christina Milian could be pregnant

Christina Milian, 27, married The Dream, 27, over the weekend at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. It was the wedding she dreamed about ever since she was a little girl. When asked to describe her perfect wedding at only 6 years of age, Milian was remembered saying, “I want to have a quickie wedding in Vegas due to an unplanned pregnancy.” Look at her now. Dreams do come true.

A source tells Us, “the pregnancy was a surprise, but they were getting married regardless.” Uh huh. Sure. Just like I planned on getting pushed into that puddle in middle school and having my lunch money stolen during recess. No, really. Even in my day planner it said, “Get punched in the stomach at 10 AM.”

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All Women Stalker
13 years ago

Still cannot get over the fact that he is called The Dream.


13 years ago

She’s looked different lately. That guy should wear pants.

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