Conan down!

A statement released last Saturday said Conan O’Brien fell while filming a skit on Friday but was expected to return to work on Monday. Conan was running down a flight of stairs when he slipped and hit his head. Maybe even suffering a concussion. Not much else was known at the time.

“Last thing I remember I was enjoying the play with Mrs. Lincoln, and the next thing I knew I was in bed being served cookies and juice,” O’Brien said afterward.

Last night, they showed the footage of his injury. Turns out it was Teri Hatcher’s fault. Can we put her down now? She seems like a menace to society.

O’Brien and Hatcher were doing a mock triathlon thing and right before the finish line, Conan slipped and kissed the ground with the back of his head. They played it off as an accident, but I think Conan was doing his best impression of Robert Cheruiyo (video below). That Conan. Always joking around.

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