Daniel Craig is a wimp

Uh oh, ‘dem be fightin’ words. Page Six straight out calls Daniel Craig a wimp today. They explain that he and Hugh Jackman are preparing to make their Broadway debut in A Steady Rain, but Craig is acting the diva. According to a source, he’s asked for personal security despite rarely being approached on the street. Doubly so now that he has a fancy handlebar mustache.

This isn’t the first time that Craig — who’s rented a lavish, $38,000-a-month apartment with top security as his safe haven in town — has been accused of being a wimp. In 2005, he made a splash in London when he was unveiled as the new James Bond on a Royal Marine commando boat — looking seasick and wearing a life jacket. Craig even admitted the ride had scared “the [bleep] out of me.”

His dad, Tim Wroughton-Craig, was forced to jump to his defense following claims the star was scared of guns. He said at the time, “It is all cobblers. Daniel is a hard lad — you wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark street. Is he a wimp? No, I wouldn’t like to call him that to his face. He can look after himself all right.”

Maybe Craig wants personal security to protect the people he meets because he’s so kick-ass. Granted, questions do arise when in the past your parents felt the need to jump to your defense. Sort of like when your parents shoved you behind their back, shielding you from taunting bullies and telling them that, no, you’re not a little wimp or have cooties and you’d prove it to them, but right now you have to get home for a fitting for a play you’re putting on. On second thought, maybe Craig needs personal security for those times a big spider crawls across his desk. “Eeee, kill it! I can’t look! I can’t look!”

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