David Hasselhoff got drunk

David Hasselhoff had to be taken to the hospital due to alcohol poisoning Sunday afternoon. David was home with his daughter Hayley, 17, and male assistant and had been drinking for more than a day. No hamburgers were found at the scene. Radar says the Hoff has been hospitalized with alcohol poisoning more than five times during the past few years.

Hoff has consistently been in denial about his severe alcoholism say people close to him. He denied that it was alcohol poisoning behind his hospitalization earlier this year but the details of his story changed as more people confirmed it.

“It’s sad,” a source told “He needs help and he’s in denial.”

That is sad. That this is Germany’s pride and joy. If I were Germany, I’d start celebrating their other stuff like bratwurst or weird German fetish porn. Sort of like what Japan did with their tentacle rape to take focus off their dolphin massacres. That’s what they did, right?

[Image: Splash News]

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