Halle Berry pregnant again

Halle Berry is pregnant and apparently, still continuing to forge a meaningful, longterm relationship with a boyfriend who is not you. From where I sit, it’s tough to sympathize too much, because it’s not me, either. Oh, I know–it stings. Let’s work through this pain together:

Halle Berry is pregnant with her second child.

The Oscar winner gave birth to baby daughter Nahla in 2008 and now she’s expecting boyfriend Gabriel Aubry’s second kid, according to America’s Life & Style magazine.

The actress, who turned 43 on 14 August, is three months pregnant.

A source tells the publication, “Halle is overjoyed. The first time, she struggled so much to get pregnant and eventually conceived through in vitro fertilization. This time, the baby was conceived through artificial insemination.

A lot of people bang on about how hot Halle Berry is and how she’s a cool actress, and hey, it turns out a lot of people are exactly right. My father, who could hardly be classified as some great skirt-chaser (or even occasional wolf-whistler–honestly, the dirtiest magazine in our house was Reader’s Digest), saw the issue of Esquire with Berry in that classic Clinton pose, and for the first and only time in his life uttered the expression, “Da-yumm.” (My mother promptly made us all go to church twice that weekend, but it was worth it.)

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