It may have been a suicide

DJ AM’s death may now be ruled a suicide. A law enforcement source tells PEOPLE that AM was found with nine OxyContin pills in his body. This along with a Valentine’s Day card from his girlfriend Hayley Wood and six or seven photos of them together next to that. A crack pipe was also found by his side and crack found underneath his body. In addition, Goldstein had barricaded both the apartment door and his bedroom door. Between you and me, I think he may have planned this.

The finding suggests that DJ AM – real name Adam Goldstein – swallowed the powerful painkillers quickly. “He wanted to die,” says the source, who says the suicide theory is supported by the pills and other evidence. “He was going unconscious when he took the last one. He didn’t even swallow it.”

Authorities say it is far-fetched to believe that DJ AM thought the OxyContin he took were Tic Tacs which he accidentally ate for his bad breath. Authorities then asked which news outlet I was from at which point I suspiciously looked left and right and made a run for it.

In related news, DJ AM will be buried today. When Michael Jackson heard the news, he shed a tear.

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