Jenny Slate won’t be fired

The season premiere of SNL was last Saturday. Megan Fox hosted and U2 was the musical guest and, oh, new cast member Jenny Slate dropped the f-bomb during the live broadcast. People made it out to be a bigger deal than it was. It happened at about 12:43 a.m. when everyone already forgot that SNL was on. Slate puffed her cheeks in a whoops expression after the slippage. Good news for Slate though. Executive producer Lorne Michaels won’t fire her.

Lorne Michaels, the show’s executive producer, said from New York late yesterday that the moment was especially traumatic for Slate because “it was literally her first time on the show. There was nothing dirty, just a slip of the tongue. It was ‘frickin’, frickin’, frickin’ ‘ and then boom! The pain that Jenny is going through is, I’m sure, considerably worse than that experienced by anybody who saw it.”

Sounds like this is going to blow over real quick. But it shouldn’t. My delicate sensibilities were offended. Sort of. I had to Google the word to find out its meaning. But when I did, I was shocked and appalled. Did you know they have naked ladies on the internet? How come no one told me?

Here’s Megan Fox on SNL because it’s kind of related.