Jessica Simpson still hopeful

The last time Jessica Simpson saw Daisy, her Maltese poodle, she was in the jaws of a hungry coyote. Realistically, Daisy’s already been digested and turned into fertilizer thus completing the circle of life. Unrealistically, Daisy used her amazing speed to escape. Guess which version Jessica thinks happened.

TMZ has learned Jessica has been in touch with a lost dog-finding service called — a company that power dials 1000 of Jessica’s closest neighbors in Encino, California to alert them about Simpson’s situation.

So far, we’re told Jess’ peeps have only received one tip — but it was about a pit bull … not Jessica’s Malti-Poo.

Sources close to the situation claim Jess is still “praying” for the dog, but she knows the “odds are against” her.

I wouldn’t hold my breath if I was Jessica. If Daisy was so fast, how did she get caught by a coyote in the first place. It’s not like the coyote drove by in a white van and tricked her inside with a dog treat. Neither is the coyote a bumbling idiot like Wile E. Coyote. There wasn’t a singed pair of ACME rocket roller skates at the scene. Was there? At least, there wasn’t in initial reports. Can someone look into that?

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