Jon Gosselin can’t have babies

The whole Santoro family seems to be cashing in on the fact Stephanie Santoro slept with Jon Gosselin. The latest news comes from Stephanie’s mom who says Jon Gosselin had a vasectomy after the sextuplets were born.

“When Stephanie told me that besides watching the children, she also started a relationship with Jon, my first question was are you sleeping with him?” Marci tells Star. “She said ‘Yeah.’ I said, ‘Stephanie you don’t need to get pregnant.’ She told me, ‘Mom you don’t need to worry about that, he can’t have anymore kids.'”

Marci adds, “I asked her how do you know and she told me that after the sextuplets were born he had a vasectomy so I didn’t have to worry about that.”

Don’t expect the tips to stop. We haven’t gone through even half the Santoro family tree yet. Stephanie’s father and grandmother have yet to give quotes. Everybody seem to be getting paid. It’s like Jon’s penis is king Midas.

In related news, Jon is sending his two German shepherds back to the breeder because he’s too lazy to take care of them.


    What’s with the girl’s hat?

  • veezer

    It sure makes him look real goofy.

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