Jude Law is a good dad

Jude Law’s fourth kid Sophia was born Tuesday this week, but as it stands, Jude can’t fly down to Florida to see her until December because he’s busying working on Hamlet on Broadway.

Miss Burke is understood to be planning to sell a highly lucrative interview in which she will “tell all” about her brief affair with the actor. “Jude thinks that if he goes to Florida immediately, it will be a media circus,” says his friend. “He doesn’t see why he should give the paparazzi the pleasure.”

I doubt Samantha Burke cares whether or not Jude comes. She’s the goose that laid the golden egg. She’s probably still trying to get used to the defining “cha-ching” sounds she hears every morning she wakes up.

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11 years ago

What is the point of him rushing to see the baby? Like she would know him? The famewhore mother would probably tip the paps if he comes to visit. Better go when everything subsides and the piranha press is not there to make it a circus. I love it when people have all these opinions alredy condemning the ma when they do not even know what the real story is. And considering how this golddigger has been famewhoring the pregnancy and now plans to sell pictures of the bay I do now wonder why Jude is reticent to get involved… Read more »

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