Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are done

Justin Timberlake and his boyfriend, Jessica Biel, have split. A mutual friend either lacking loyalty or feeling the pinch of the poor economy (or both) revealed to Us Weekly “it’s over” and has been for about a month. Us Weekly reports Justin manned up and ended their three-year relationship by phone.

While most would find Justin’s breakup method as disgraceful, I see his bravery shining through. I respect Justin for considering his safety and the effects of Jessica’s roid rage when he opted for the phone breakup. It takes a real man to realize and accept that his girlfriend could break his neck by simply flexing her triceps from 10-feet away.

Us Weekly’s source also mentions that Jessica is in “severe denial and won’t accept” their parting of ways. Hmmm… Justin involved in a three-year relationship with a hard-bodied woman that can’t accept their messy breakup. If memory serves me, Jessica is well on her way to Starbucks, Cheetos, and Red Bull binges while Justin will move onto the next available man-sized female celebrity. Mark my words.

Ed. note: That photo of Jessica Biel leading Justin Timberlake was taken last night of them after dinner. So, uh, psyche?

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