Kanye West is a real downer

Before I get into this. Who thought it would be a good idea for Jay Leno to take over Arsenio Hall’s set? The first thing I expected to see was the audience swinging their hands above their head and going “hooo-hooo-hooo-hoo!”

That aside. Kanye West made an appearance on premiere of The Jay Leno Show and expressed deep regret over what he did to Taylor Swift at the VMAs. He said it was “rude.” “I don’t try to justify it ’cause I was in the wrong,” he continued. West then said he was taking some time off to improve himself.

The show was at its gloomiest when Jay asked Kanye what he think his late mother would have to say about him taking the spotlight away from Taylor. Kanye looked like he was about to slit his wrists at that point.

Jay then thanked him for the ratings and shooed him away so he could perform with Jay-Z and Rihanna.

  • Mare

    He’s got the man-boob thing going on.

  • Arnold

    If he’s currently on antidepressants or antipsychotics, one of the side effects is weight gain for many of those treatments.

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